3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Loctician

3 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Loctician

Making the decision to start your loc journey can be one of the biggest decisions you will make. Finding the perfect loctician to start or maintain your locs is the most important part of that journey. First, let’s define loctician; a loctician is someone who SPECIALIZES in the starting, maintaining, caring, and styling of locs (dreadlocks). I put an emphasis on specializes, because people seem to mistake someone who “does locs” with an actual “loctician”. The difference is major and could cost you lots of wasted money, time, and most importantly healthy hair. Over the years, I have seen some really beautiful, healthy locs, but in that time, I have also come across struggling and unhealthy locs. The health of your locs largely depends on the person who is maintaining them; that includes you. If you are looking to hire a loctician to start or maintain your locs, these 3 questions would help you determine if this person is qualified and a perfect fit for you. Here’s why:


1. What products do you use to retwist?

This question is key! Do not assume that because they consider themselves to be a loctician that they have knowledge of products. I’ve seen “locticians” use brown gel, clear gel, wrap lotion, shea butter, and many more other harmful products to retwist locs. None of these products are beneficial to the growth and health of your locs. If they are using a product that you can research, look it up, read the ingredients. Make sure you know what is going into your hair. If they are making their own products, but they are not as forthcoming about the ingredients, at least ask for the base of the product. If they are unwilling to share, keep it moving. Stick to natural, simple, transparent products. Less product is more when you have locs.


2. What is your starting rate?

This question lets you know how much they value their work. In this industry, you truly get what you pay for. You can only expect so much from a $65 retwist. Starting locs is not a cheap way to take care of your hair. You must be willing to invest in your crown. And if someone is using quality products, devoting time and energy into keeping your hair healthy and growing, that comes with a price that should start no less than $85* for a basic retwist (*exceptions for people who may have fades or mohawks). There is a lot more than retwisting that goes into maintaining and growing locs. If the price is too low, keep it moving. You want a loctician who can produce and who knows their value.


3. Which method do you use to start or maintain locs and how often should I come?

I made this a two part question, because technique and frequency in this case go together. There are several different methods of maintaining locs based on length and texture. I will go into the specifics of those methods in another blog, but for now I will tell you what would be the best answer to this question. You want to find a loctician who not only palm rolls, but who also retwists the roots. Some people use combs to coil and retwist, I prefer to use my fingers, as they give a tighter hold for me. Either way, you should only be getting your locs retwisted every 4-8 weeks, most of my clients come around 6-8 weeks. If the method is interlocking, you should only be getting your locs interlocked about 1-3 times a year. Interlocking is a process not many people can do properly, so make sure that person specializes in interlocking and you aren’t going too frequently. 


These are not the only questions you can or should ask before you hire a loctician, there are many more. These questions are just core to the most important parts of your journey. Compile your own list, add what else is important to you, and start your search. Don't forget to ALWAYS look at their work. Look for consistency in their work too. I don’t advise starting this journey on your own, without experience or knowledge from a professional, it can be crucial to your hair. No sense in creating challenges in your loc journey, when you can just focus on tackling the challenges that will come. If you are local to Orlando and would like for me to start and/or maintain your locs, click here.  If you aren’t, leave a comment or email me at theartoflocs@gmail.com, I will give you my best and honest answer.

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