3 Ways To Level Up As A Locpreneur

3 Ways To Level Up As A Locpreneur

In light of my recent partnership with Curly Beauty Supply Co. in the Altamonte Mall (Yessss!), I decided to talk entrepreneurship in this blog. I am and will forever (unless I cut my locs) be a locpreneur! I know you’ve probably never heard of a locpreneur, that’s because I made it up, lol. A locpreneur, “the dreaded professional”, is a person with locs who organizes and operates a business or businesses, risking it all for a dream no one else can see, but them. I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, even when I didn’t realize it. Entrepreneurship runs in my family, from grandparents down to my dad. Just recently, I have started to use the term “locpreneur”. I feel with our current social climate, it is important that people who have locs change the narrative and become a part of the positive shift towards the perspective on our community. Over the past seven years I have been a full time locpreneur. I won’t even begin to list the amount of sacrifices I have (and still do) experience. However, I would not trade those experiences for anything! They have all led me to share with you the three simple principles I live by when it comes to locpreneurship/entrepreneurship.



My number one principle is elevating my mind. Elevation requires separation. Not only from people, but more importantly from old ways of thinking that results in a limited mindset. “Most” of us were not taught the importance of mind elevation, nor were we given instruction on how or what to do.  Some of the ways I elevate my mind are through reading self-help books or books that increase my knowledge on a particular subject, listening to business podcasts/interviews, watching motivational speakers and stories on YouTube, and surrounding myself around people who are on the same wave or higher than me. Through elevating my mind, I have, and I am still accomplishing so much, from my business to my personal life. Even if your goal isn’t to become rich locpreneur, having a wealthy mindset can be applied to more areas than your net worth. Level up!



I’ve noticed the more I elevate my mind, the more positive things happen around me, and the more my faith is increased. It does not matter what your religious background is, to become successful and level up, you must have faith.  Some of the ways I increase my faith are very similar to how I elevate my mind. Reading, studying, and listening, most of this content is spiritual based, but that is what keeps my belief in the things I have not yet seen. Faith is an action, so you gotta makes moves too. Even when you’re afraid or don’t know where to start.  My favorite part when it comes to how I increase my faith, is through prayer. There is no one or nothing that can convince me that prayer does not work. Ask any entrepreneur how they do it, I can bet prayer will be one of their top answers. Even if you don’t have a book or video, you can always pray for whatever it is you need. Regardless, if I’m up or down, prayer will always be apart of my business strategy.



This is my third principle, but it is NOT the least. If anything, you must be intentional about the first two in order to really get to where you want to be. Being intentional created the opportunity for my first wholesale partnership. I had to have faith in my product and where I would like to see it go. It took me be intentional, even when I didn’t feel like it at times to get to where I am. I still feel like I have so far to go. I can be honest, I do fall off track every now and then (it comes with the journey), but I always find a way to be intentional about my first two principles to get me back in the game. Some of the ways I practice intentionality are through writing out my goals and creating lists to reach them. I also look at visuals that remind me of where I’m heading, from my vision board or pictures I’ve saved in my phone over the years. Meditation helps, along with taking time to chill and do nothing, or doing something that makes me happy outside of business. I have found when I reset my intentions, my mind clears, and it is much easier to elevate.

I practice at least one of these principles daily, even when I am not conscious of it. Throughout the years I would take note of different things I would do to get me back focused on my purpose and meeting my business goals. You may already be a locpreneur or looking to get into entrepreneurship, wherever you are in your journey, applying at least one of these principles will help. Don’t wait, start now! Feel free to share in the comment section the principles you use to help you.

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